Why is Do-it-Yourself Tree Service Dangerous?

Tree work may appear a simple task for some, but actually it could be extremely dangerous, technical and complicated. So, if you are thinking of removing or trimming your own tree, think again or totally skip the plan. As a matter of fact, many of the highly skilled arborists even get injured, experienced damage and fatalities that are being caused by tree pruning, tree lopping and tree removal, imagine how much more to those who are untrained.

Tree offers several benefits not just to you but also to your property. Tree provides shade, make a lush landscape, contribute and improve your property curb appeal and this add up value to your home as well. On the other hand, trees happen not to be a hands-off investment, for the reason that even if a healthy tree needs care and requires periodic trimming, and drying or sick trees need urgent professional tree service.

At some point, you might get tempted to do it by yourself, but for your safety never attempt to do it. Only consider what is best and that to get assistance from the expert and trained people that can handle the job very well for you, not to mention they prioritize your safety above anything else.

Here are the common accidents or danger that a DIY tree service could incur.

Risky extension ladder work

An extension ladder is much needed equipment if you are planning to do a DIY tree service or removal. But the experts would not recommend this for you attempt, for the reason that you must be aware of the dos and don’ts of using it. Your extension ladder must extend for at least three feet and this should past the branch. Be careful in cutting off that particular branch as it will cause the branch to go up beyond the ladder as this will create a ladder base that is unsteady. As a matter of fact, most ladder related fatalities take place this way.

In addition, without such solid base, you won’t have any assurance that the ladder will be able to or can hold and support you, your weight and the rest of the tool you will be carrying with you. So better yet, entrust this activity to the professionals and expert, tree service company provides proper training to their crew and they know how to secure your safety and your property at the same time.

Improper tools

Lack of proper tree-care equipment and the knowledge of using can as well cause injury on your tree-work. The appropriate tools are quite expensive and so you might think to settle to subpar tools, better to think twice. Faulty equipment such as dull chain saw can result to serious fatality.  Never allow a trip to the hospital to happen when you misuse the tools or lose control.

Lack of knowledge

Having insufficient knowledge about the tree can actually do much harm than good. Tree pruning, trimming, removal is a technical task. And so, if you feel you are uncertain about what could possibly happen if you attempt your own tree work, call a competent tree care professional.