Tips for Parents Who Are Managing Split Custody During the Pandemic

It’s never easy to deal with co-parenting after a divorce. Attempting to navigate split custody while there’s an ongoing health crisis is even harder to do. If you’re navigating with custody during the coronavirus pandemic, check out the following guidelines for healthy and safe co-parenting. 

Resolve Issues

Unless you or your kid is in danger, reaching a peaceful agreement and resolving disputes would be ideal. If you can’t work together, perhaps you may have to depend on a court order. Consult it with a divorce attorney to guide you in such a situation if needed. 

Keep-up Transparency

During hard times, keeping lines of communication open with your co-parent is crucial. When your kids are currently homeschooling, it can be a major transition for everybody involved. So, it would be recommended that you should work together as parents to help your kids navigate this new environment and circumstance. Never hide information regarding exposure to the virus. Rather, be transparent and open for the sake of your child. 

Set the Example

Isolation is not a good thing in terms of your mental health, and keep in mind that kids are more susceptible to this. If you can, work together to model perseverance and healthy habits for your kids. 

In other instances, one parent may not be able to or willing to give any type of stability. If you are in this scenario, know that you’re not alone. You can be the example of positivity and strength that your kid needs. 

Be Creative and Flexible

If you can, it would be best to fulfill what’s in your custody agreement. Be understanding and flexible of the fact that you may need to make visitation adjustments at times. Look for creative means to communicate if one visitation is not possible. Nowadays, apps like FaceTime, Zoom, etc. can offer ways to enjoy virtual visits. If your kids know they are loved, they will be able to survive these hard times a lot easier. Noticing that their parents are working together can be a calming and positive force in the life of your child. 

Stay Healthy

The co-parenting plan must involve following disease prevention measures for the home of every parent. Safe health practices can keep your kids from acquiring and passing the virus from one house to the other. 

Follow the Orders of the Court

Your custody arrangement is intended to make sure that co-parenting will be easier and that you can avoid disputes as much as possible. Following such a plan can help give stability and structure for your kid during trying times. 

If you’ve got issues about communicating as parents, you can prevent haggling over holiday and weekend arrangements and make things more feasible if you follow your custody agreement. 

When one parent fails or refuses to adhere to a court order, make sure to document every incident you encounter. This can help your case when you need to take legal action sooner or later. If you’re facing such a situation, don’t hesitate to consult – divorce attorney in Houston.