Customized Wedding Cake Ideas

When you order a wedding cake, would you just choose from the portfolio of the wedding cake maker or would you strive to get your very own customized wedding cake? If you prefer custom wedding cakes Brisbane, then read on and find some great ideas for your unique wedding cake.

The right choice of a wedding cake is important because cutting it during the wedding is ceremonial. Since it’s a highly documented part of your wedding, you surely don’t want to cut into something that’s nothing less than beautiful. Plus, you surely want your guests to be in awe of your wedding cake. To make that happen, here are some design ideas that you may consider:

1. Ruffles

Weddings are all lace and ruffles. Why not add the same theme to your wedding case so it will look sensational? Make your wedding cake match your bridal gown. That way, it will be just as stylish as all the other elements of your wedding.

2. Naked

Naked cakes are quite popular these days. By naked cake, it means that there won’t be any frosting or buttercream added to the cake layers. It’s just the bare elements and some interesting designs to make it look great.

3. Artsy

If the naked cake doesn’t have any garnishing on it, the artsy cake has a splash of color and everything else that’s nice. If you’re a crafty kind of person, then this is the type of cake that suits you best.

4. Pink

Pink is a color of choice when the celebration is all about love and romance. It’s a great choice for a cake too. While pink may look too girly, it is one wedding cake that nobody would forget. If you want to make an impact, consider this wedding cake idea.

5. Ombre

The ombre design is perfect for people who want to add a lot of drama in their cake. You can never underestimate the sophistication that this cake design brings. It’s nothing but a multi-tiered confection perfection.

6. Hearts

Love, heart, romance, and weddings all go well together. If you’re still experiencing that sweet puppy love with your husband, fill your wedding cake with hearts and reminisce all the memories that you shared together when you’re still young.

7. Flowers

Aside from hearts, flowers are the next big symbols of love. Why else would you spend thousands of dollars on flowers to fill every corner, nook, and crevice of the wedding venue? If you naturally love flowers, you can always add them to your wedding cake, too.

8. Stripes

White is best combined with a special color to add some highlight or accent. This idea is great if you want your wedding cake to match the theme or motif of your wedding. But then again, there’s no stopping you from creating as many colored stripes as you want.

9. Mints

Mints are a great color for a wedding. If you love mint because of their rather cool shade, then don’t be afraid to incorporate it in your wedding cake. Everybody loves pastel shades so you’re sure that your wedding cake will get the applause that it needs.

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